You should read our culture and values article if you haven’t already.

Amna is a remote company.

Open Roles

Software Engineeer - Engine

The engine is the underlying framework that powers and predicts for Amna. It serves as a personal context engine that allows for searching, pattern detection and predictions. Python/JS experts preferred.

Software Engineeer - Interface

The computer of the future lives everywere. As an engineer on the interface - you get to engineer how Amna fluidly transitions across domains and pioneer the Amna interaction model. Web development experience needed.

Technical Product Manager - Experiences

This role sits between engineering and product management. Go out into the wild and understand customer pain points. Who can Amna help the most? Come back, work with the team, and create prototypes to go deliver.


You get to set the face of Amna. From our branding to interface design and transitions, you will influence how Amna makes consumers feel. That is super important.