#2 - The Cost of Context Switching

23 Minutes and 15 seconds. That’s the cost of context switching. It takes approximately that long to get you back into the flow after an interruption.

There is no true multitasking. We’re just switching between two things really fast. If this were a video game, and we all had a health bar, you could imagine that we lose a bit of our health when we make that switch.

With Amna, we help you focus on one thing at a time. And when you have to jump, we make it super easy to get back to where you were.

Product Updates for the Week

Faster Browser

Our new Amna Browser is super fast. Like seriously fast. Go try it! We are currently exploring how to import passwords next to make life even easier.

New Component Designs

We have a few ideas for components that we can add next. Here’s a sneak peek at our designs. Any other component ideas that you want?


Landing Pages are Hard

We’re continuing to work with our web design team on the landing page. We’ll send it your way for early feedback as soon as it’s ready! I’d like to hear what stands out for you, and what you think we should emphasize better.

Have a great week!

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