#3 - A Meta Layer for Notes?

A meta-layer for notes. That’s one way to put it. There was a blog post I read this week that talked about exploring a unified place to connect notes across different apps. If you read it, you’ll realize that it doesn’t have to be a concept - Amna let’s you do exactly that (and more).

In fact, I left a comment on the original post, and we got a few more enthusiastic signups!

Amna puts apps, notes and tasks in one place. More importantly, in one streamlined workflow. Everything rolls up to what you’re working on. The context.

Product Updates for the Week

New Keyboard Shortcuts (ETA: Thurs.)

  • Enter + Enter | Create Tasks on the Home Page
  • Ctrl+Tab | Switch between your components in a space
  • Ctrl+T | Opens a New Tab
  • Esc | Minimizes a Component

How long was I working? (ETA: Thurs.)

A top requested feature we often get is a single list to show all your past activities. Pssh, we can do even better. Since Amna is a place to get things done, in addition to what you worked on, we can also tell you how long you worked on something for. Cool right? 6hrs in Chrome vs 6hrs Writing your Essay.


Animations! Animations!

We’re continuing to work on our new landing page. Oof - and it’s taking some time. But progress. Check out this sweet product animation!


Plan your week if you haven’t yet.

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