#4 - Ugh. It's that task again.

You know what an ugh task is? It’s the one you look at everyday, and you kind of don’t want to do it. I read about these in a blog post. Overtime, you might feel a little guilty everytime you come across this task. I mean it’s important and all, but you still don’t want to do it. Eventually, you’ll just feel bad for never getting to it.

One remedy, call out an ugh task when you see it. Recognizing an ugh task will make you feel better about it. And with Amna, you can always right click and move a task to the next day if you don’t want to do it (and maybe, just maybe, after moving tasks out for a few days, we’ll label it as an ugh task for ya).

Product Updates for the Week

Saved Passwords

A top requested item we hear is a way to pull in existing passwords. We’ve been working on a way to import your passwords from Chrome/Edge into Amna.

It requires zero-work from you, and will make your life easier. Super excited about this one!

How long was I working?

Want to get a rough idea of all the things you’ve done, and the amount of time you spent on each thing? Checkout or new all tasks view that shows you everything you’ve accomplished with Amna!

Plan ahead with Amna!

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