Work Culture

At Amna, we are building the fastest way to get things done on a computer.

Here are our values.

Accountability: Take as much vacation as you need - but get the job done.

Together: Late nights are a given - but you’ll never feel alone.

Transparent: We’re not super secretive. And we make our motives clear.

Learn: It’s all about learning. That’s why everyday is different.

Why Work on Amna?

Only the coolest and hip new startup around. With a few great reasons:

An Everyday Product: A tool for knowledge work that touches so many lives. Everyday, people wake up, and this is their list of things to do. A product as ubiquitious as your smartphone.

Calm Technology: Amna facilitates fast task completion. It does not fight for attention. A piece of calm technology that silently and subtely optimizes a user’s workflow. We are obsessed with our user experience.

Transparent: We want to be the world’s most transparent company. We tell our users what is happening. And our employees. There’s not a whole lot to hide here. We’re not running a business.

Risk + Reward: We think our vision is ambitious. A “self-driving” computer? One that eventually learns how to do your work? Cliche - but it is the next big thing.

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